africa_scout_day_logo_articleimageThe U-Fund to support Scouting in Africa Geneva, 13 March 2009 – On the occasion of the Africa Scout Day, World Scouting launches a fund-raising campaign to “help young people to help themselves” with the support of The Scout Universal Fund (“U” Fund). This fund was established in 1963 to provide a means for all members of the Scout Movement to help Scouts in other countries in their development activities. The focus on Africa Scout Region was initially for a three year period (2002-2005). This focus was renewed subsequently in 2005 and 2008. In 2008 the Fund Monitoring Group decided to remove restrictions of specific project areas, and maintained the focus on supporting projects in the Africa Scout Region. In recent years, the U-Fund has been dedicated to supporting projects in the Africa Scout Region primarily in three areas: peace education, fight against HIV/AIDS and reaching out to children in difficult circumstances. How to fund-raise? You can fund-raise as an individual or at community level. To help organise a fundraising activity at community level, you can download the video clip and use it for a public presentation. Please use information from the following web-page, to talk about what Scouting is doing for reaching out to children and young people in difficult circumstances: How to donate? Donations to the fund may be given with no restrictions as to their use, earmarked for specific projects, or for the support of special types of activities . How to apply for U-Fund? If you a are from a National Scout Organization in the Africa Scout Region, please contact our Africa Regional office, to apply for funding: U-Fund Coordinator World Scout Bureau – Africa Regional Office P.O. Box 63070,00200 NAIROBI, KENYA Tel. No.: +254 20 387 34 36 / +254 20 245 09 85 Mobile No.: +254 728 496 553 / +254 738 945 346 Fax No.: +254 20 387 83 42 E-mail: How to Donate for U-Fund? Donations shall be addressed to ‘U-Fund’ and can be sent to: World Scout Bureau Rue du Pré-Jérôme 5 PO Box 91 CH-1211 Geneva 4 Plainpalais Switzerland Tel.: (+41) 22 705 10 10 Fax.: (+41) 22 705 10 20

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