pungkas_articleimageAn Indonesian Rover Scout Pungkas Tri Baruno, 20, showed an enormous display of courage as he bravely reached the summit of Mount McKinley at a height of approximately 20,320 feet in Alaska, USA on 7th July 2008, and minutes after his sweet victory, he breathed his last.

Pungkas is one of the members of Indonesian Scout Expedition 2008 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Indonesia’s National Awakening Year (1908-2008) and also part of the 100th Anniversary of World Scouting (1907-2007).

Before his death, Pungkas and another member of the team, Hartman Nugraha, who is also an Indonesian Rover Scout, were accompanied by two members of the US National Park Rangers and successfully reached the summit. While at the peak, Pungkas held the Indonesian flag and Hartman held the Indonesian Scout Flag. On their way back to the camp at 17,400 feet, Pungkas fell down. Though, he tried to stand up, he fell down again and was unconscious. The two US Rangers immediately gave Pungkas CPR but failed.

Since the evacuation process of Pungkas’ body was not easy due to the bad weather, it took the Rangers two days to carry the body back to the base camp. From there, the body was flown to Talkeetna and then to Anchorage. The body is expected to arrive in Indonesia either 13th or 14th July 2008.

In Jakarta, the Indonesian Minister for Youth and Sports, Adhyaksa Dault, extends his condolence to Pungkas family and would lead the funeral process. Meanwhile, the Chief Commissioner of Gerakan Pramuka/ Indonesia Dr Azrul Azwar, said that Pungkas served as a great inspiration to all Indonesian Scouts especially to young people because of his courage and determination in finishing a highly difficult task.

— Berthold Sinaulan
Assistant National Commissioner for PR
Gerakan Pramuka/Indonesia

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